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Course Components:
Would you like to…..?
  • Learn the logic behind legal thinking
  • Understand how and why laws are made
  • Find out more about your own rights and responsibilities
  • Get a valuable overview of the law
  • Make informed decisions about future study
Even if you aren’t aiming for a career in the legal profession, a grounding in law is valuable on your CV. That’s because a GCE in Law helps you to think in a very logical way by breaking a problem into its component parts. And in many managerial positions, a basic understanding of law is a distinct advantage.
A GCE in Law will enhance your chances of being accepted into university, either to take a law degree, a social science or business degree, or any other course of study. So whether you want a career in the law, or in other areas like education, human resources, finance or business, A Level Law can really open doors for you.
What you will study A LEVEL:
100% exam, 3 exam papers at the end of year 13
Year 12– Law Making and The English Legal System and an introduction to Criminal Law and Tort Law (including: Juries, how laws are made, Assault, Grievous Bodily Harm and Negligence)
Year 13– Criminal Law: Offences Against the Person, Offences Against Property, Tort Law and Human Rights. (Including: Murder; Manslaughter; Theft; Robbery; Blackmail; Defences)
Entry Requirements 
5 GCSE’s at grade 4 and above including English, and a grade 4 or above in a Humanities subject (History, Geography or Religious Studies)
Examination Board (AQA)
Please visit their web site at and follow the link to GCE Law for further information or contact Miss J Boxall (Humanities).
BTEC Level 3 Applied Law
Course Description:
In year 12 you will study 3 units:
Unit 1: Dispute solving in the legal system (10 credits)
Unit 2: Understanding law making (10 credits)
Unit 3: Aspects of legal liability (10 credits)
In year 13 you will study a further 3 units:
Unit 4: Unlawful homicide and police powers
Unit 5: Aspects of property offences and police powers
Unit 8: Aspects of the law of tort

Jess Boxall                                                                                                                                                                       Law Head of Subject

Vicky Gray
Humanities Head of Faculty