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Ethos and Vision


Our goal to be the most outstanding school nationally was the goal we set ourselves and our students at the outset of our journey towards improvement. We think big, we aspire high, but we do it the ‘Shoebury Way’. The culture of Shoeburyness High School is very much focused on improving the life chances of our students. We’ve always maintained that we don’t do anything extraordinary, we simply do lots of ordinary things extraordinarily well, but if there is one belief that underpins all others it is in aspiration with a clear focus on learning. Ethos is not, however, about words on a page; it is the culture and atmosphere of our community, and there is only one way to truly grasp that, and that is to come here and see for yourself. Now that’s an invitation you cannot refuse!


Our vision is simple: to be the most outstanding school nationally; because only the best is good enough for our young people.