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The results of the parental view survey

Question / Statement
Agree Disagree
My child is well looked after at this school 99% 1%
My child feels safe at this school 98% 2%
My child is happy at this school 95% 5%
My child makes good progress at this school 94% 6%
My child is taught well at this school 95% 5%
My child receives appropriate homework for their age 83% 17%
This school is well led and managed 98% 2%
Would you recommend this school to another parent? 98% 2%
This school makes sure it's pupils are well behaved 89% 11%
This school responds well to any concerns I raise 94% 6%
This school deals effectively with bullying 83% 17%
I receive valuable information from the school about my child's progress 92% 8%


Here are some of your comments about our school.

  • Wonderful staff, encouraging all students to succeed in life.
  • Very pleased with the teachers and education my son is receiving. He has come on leaps and bounds.
  • The school has been like a breath of fresh air for our son after his previous school.
  • We have 3 children - all have attended or are attending the school at the moment. We are very pleased with the school as a whole. Keep up the good work!
  • Brilliant. Both my children have done really well here.
  • A great school, always friendly, open door policy and happy to help.
  • A good school. Recommend this school. Good revision classes.
  • Lots more opportunities than when I went there. Great contact between parents and school staff.
  • Excellent school. Lots of courses on offer.
  • Teachers seen have been encouraging and positive.
  • A friendly school and positive environment.
  • Very good. Excellent school. Members of staff very helpful and informative. Very pleased with my son's progress.
  • The school is good. Care for the children. Strive in making sure the children reach their goals.
  • Very good school. Very helpful. My daughter could do more subjects here that she could at college which am very pleased about.