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FOSH (Friends of Shoeburyness High) AKA PTA

Parents we need you to join us, our current members children are leaving or have recently left the school and our numbers are dwindling.   We have played an important role in supporting the school and we don’t want to stop, but we need you to come and participate in our meetings and events to replace the parents we lose

Due to the lack of FOSH members we are no longer organising events until our numbers increase.  We will continue selling Adventure Island wristbands and you will see us selling refreshments at school productions.

This is a great opportunity to find out about what is going on in the school.
Please read on to find out more about us:

Who are FOSH?
We are parents, school staff and people with an interest in supporting Shoeburyness High School and its community based activities.  We currently meet twice a year to discuss the current state of the school and  its affairs, occasionally with the Head Teacher or representative of the Board of Governors.
These gatherings are also used to plan activities and decide which initiatives we can support with the funds we raise.
Everyone with an interest in helping the school and its community is invited to join us at any of these meetings, you don’t have to have a child attending to be welcomed by us just an interest in supporting the school.

We would normally raise funds by:
  • by organizing social activities like a Quiz Evenings, or perhaps a Chinese Meal;
  • providing refreshments and running a raffle in the school during events like concerts and plays;
  • selling Adventure Island Wrist bands at discounted prices.
Recently Funded Items
  • Musical Instruments including wind instruments for the Marching band;
  • Tables, chairs, umbrellas, pots & plants for Year 10 'Catering Lunchtime Cafe';
  • Amount towards Excel trip to restaurant for Chinese New Year;
  • A new backdrop for the stage;
  • History – Roman Workshop Day. 

Adventure Island Wristbands

As a fundraiser FOSH have a number of Adventure Island Wristbands for sale. These wristbands cost £29 at Adventure Island, however we have 200 wristbands that you can buy from FOSH for just £16 each. After these have gone the wristbands will cost £16.50 each.  At these prices you get to save money and help FOSH raise funds for the school. If you are interested in purchasing Adventure Island Wristbands please contact the school reception.


Many thanks for supporting FOSH.

Meeting Date:
12th October (AGM)
Contact Heather or Kathy to be advised where meeting will be held.
Further Information &  Enquiries
Heather Rodway 01702-292286 01702-292286 FREE           Chairman   
[email protected]
Kathy Hodgson 01702-292286 01702-292286 FREE              Treasurer   
[email protected]
Maria Dawson 01702 295198                                                   Secretary