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The Quiet Study Area showing both floors Some of the workstations on the upper floor
Students using the upper and lower floors during the Homework Club Students using the upper and lower floors during the Homework Club

Homework Club

After School Homework Club
For a variety of reasons, we appreciate that some of our students may wish to stay after school to complete their homework or coursework using the school computers, application software and internet access.

To accommodate this requirement, we make the CDAC (Community Data Access Centre) available where staff are on hand to help when required. This facility is made available every afternoon for one hour after school.

We are very proud of the Centre which forms one of the central hubs of the school. Please see the photographs above which show the CDAC, its resources and some of the students taking advantage of the Homework Club. 

This service is welcomed by parents and pupils alike and we regularly have 30 to 40 students taking advantage of the facilities.

Every morning before School, from 7:45am - 8:20am, we run a Homework Club to give pupils an opportunity to carry out homework and coursework in CDAC.

The Centre houses 34 networked PCs, and in excess of 12,000 books.  An orderly atmosphere is maintained at all times.  All students become members of the Centre when joining the school and are entitled to borrow two books at a time for a period of two weeks.  Eating and drinking are not permitted in the CDAC and any students doing so will be asked to leave.

Further Information 
For further information please contact Mrs P Byford, the CDAC Manager.